Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i know I should be grateful.....

So, Owen has been sleeping. ALOT. Even more than normal, and everyone knows that kid can sleep.

awake at 9:30, nap by 12:20, slept until 5:00, bed at 7:15.

Last night: in bed by 7:30, up for the day at 8:30- and I think only then because he peed through his diaper, wet his pjs, sheets, and quilts. Otherwise- he might have slept till 9:30 like on Monday. By 11:40, he DEMANDED that he get put down for his nap, refusing to even consider lunch. He slept through a giant thunderstorm, and woke up just before 3. Tonight- he was in bed by 7:10.

He has been sleeping like this for... over a week. The strange part is that he looks exhausted, all the time. Big bags under his eyes, red cheeks- the works. Even before this week, if he knows that I won't be babysitting, he's been sleeping like Rip Van Winkle.

Now, please don't get me wrong. This sleep schedule of his is a gift from god, right at the time I need it most. I am practically sleeping right along with him, and I am still exhausted. BUT I am in my third trimester. Rolling over in bed takes an inordinate amount of energy. Owen is a two year old boy who is obviously not pregnant.

Do you think this is simple growth spurt? I am pretty sure it is not straight on two year molar teething. Is it jsut so hard being two that he needs to sleep to escape the stress of it? Because if so, trust me.... I can relate.

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mb. said...

my mother swears children grow in their sleep. My brother slept away one summer & outgrew all the hand-me-downs, becoming the third child (which he always was) & the tallest (which is not nothing, ignore my shortness everyone else hovers at 6'+). This is also the year he started eating only white foods, though so maybe that is what made him sleepy.