Tuesday, June 02, 2009

my internet has not been working, so here is a quick update:

owen is teething, and refuses to be normal for me. Craig and mimsie get gold star super sweet behavior, though. i get bob the builder and pop requests for hours on end.

i think the baby may fall out. just saying.

craig has no clean underwear.

water gives me indigestion. but ice doesn't.

veronica wants a "ipod clopper scanner" for her bday. i do not know wtf she is referring to.

i want to buy a house down the street from my mom. it isn't currently for sale.


Sleep Goblin said...

any time i see a house i want, i tell my husband to buy it for me. these are almost always NOT for sale.

later, he claims to have bought and then sold lots of houses for me, because i "didn't bother to use them". it's fun to joke about, but it sort of makes buying a house feel like one of those things that will never happen.

CoachingByPeter said...

If a good real estate agent can help grease the wheels and get your offer in front of a lender, you can get an answer more quickly, and potentially close more deals.

aly said...

there is a really cool house on my street for sale. I mean, if you are looking...