Saturday, September 30, 2006


Was just re-reading blogs- does anyone know why I resolved not to get pregnant this year?

ta da!

So I could spend hours catching people up on what's been going on since I last posted, but I'll just do a quick bulleted list and then jump right in.
  • The inter-office easter egg hunts were FANTASTIC. (As it is now officially 9/30/06, I must say that one of my co-workers found an egg YESTERDAY. I'll go easier on them next year)
  • As we were preparing the first ever annual Gulledge Easter Eve Peep Roast in Bradenton (Rebel had the washing machine tub on cinder blocks hot and ready to go, (without pressure-treated wood, in the fire, I am grateful to relate)) my mother called with news that my grandfather had died suddenly. I was so angry (and now I feel guilty and selfish for feeling angry and resentful and a toatl bitch for admitting this), because I had been focusing all my energies on the Gulledge side of the family, and Pa was perfectly healthy. He just dropped dead of a sudden heart attack. I still feel his loss every single day. I let Henry book our flights out to Wyoming, which involved traveling for over 22 hours each way, and sleeping in an airport on the way out. ALWAYS rent a hotel, even for a 6 hour middle of the night layover. Sleeping on the ground in a terminal- not cool. However, even though the circumstances were less than ideal, we had a very fun brother-sister-road-trip-by-air experience. The little bit of my grandfather that remains resides in my underwear drawer. I know this seems sacreligous to some people (and strangley perverted to others) but ever since I was a little girl the underwear drawer has seems sacred to me- like the most private place in the house. I think this originated from the belief that if I had $5 (a great sum to an elementary schooler in 1988) and I hid it in my underwear drawer, robbers would be too embarrased my by Hello Kitty panties to delve further, and would turn away from delicacy. Even though my blue house was broken into and nothing BUT my underwear was stolen, I admit that the "underwear drawer as sacred private place" mentality has remained. Plus, I had to put him somewhere, and Craig was tired of having lunch with him while I left him on the kitchen table. I know I sound flippant, but I am comforted to have him so near. Okay flippant is not the word- morbid is.
  • Craig has completed the patio addition he started in May (pictures will have to follow for all that I am talking about). It is amazing, and he did a great job planning it. I can't wait to turn it into a Better Homes and Gardens Spread. (Yeah right- l'm not holding my breath)
  • We have a pumpkin growing. The pumpkin patch was the size of 2 minivans, and was overtaking the back half of the yard, but while spraying the leaves with soapy water to get rid of the bigs (not as recommended in our Organic Vegetable Gardening class) he killed all the leaves, and we have only one pumpkin. I am convinced, however, that it will become the biggest pumpkin ever if we put a wick into it and a bowl of sugar water.
  • We went to NYC for Haley's wedding, and had an absolutely fantabulous time. I loved it, but was ready to come home. Flying is much easier after I discovered that they sell alcohol on planes.
  • I have started selling for a direct sales company, and really hate it. I have to get out, but earning $70 here and there make it hard to give it up. I just don't give it much time.
  • I have finished two projects tonight: the real reason this post is called "ta da"! My orange sleeveless sweater, purchased with yarn bought at Wild Fibre in Savannah (probably my all time favorite yarn store ever) is finished, although I am not really pleased with my finishing techniques and will have to get used to the length. It is shorter than I thought it would be, which I hope will come into style soon?!?!?!?, but overall I am pleased with it. I am pretty darn sure I will wear, though I dread people asking me if I made it myself. My goal is to have people aske where I purchased something that I made. (The difference between homemade and handmade is something I am very concious of). I also finished my halter top, which I started on Monday!!!! I will wear it to the game tomorrow, and am pleased and surprised that of all thing, football season has motivated me to be crafty and "complete". Crazy

Okay- one of the reasons I don't blog is that I always end up on the computer until 1 in the morning. This silly thing needs to rebuilt soon, as Craig keeps reminding me and the compaq reminds me as well with frequent crashes.

Currently Reading:
  • Nectar in a Sieve (one chapter left to go- it's crap)
  • The French Leutenient's Woman by John Knowles (?) (BOT)- engrossing at times, makes me want to reread Tennyson, which I'm not even sure I properly read in college. Too self-reflexive to be really enjoyable and escapist
  • Love in the Time of Cholera- again. I love it. I must say that having read it as a married woman, it reads much differently than the first few times. At one point, The Narrator points out that Fermina and the doctor can survive what adultory does to their marriage, but are almost ripped apart by the small annoyances of marriage- waking each other up in the morning, not replacing the soap in the bathroom. Amen to that.