Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SmallSteps for Owen, Giant Leaps for Mommykind

Today, we went to the grocery store, where Owen had an inexplicable tantrum- oops, not inexplicable, I just limited the amount of yogurt drops he could eat. Forgot about that. Anyway, he had a tantrum in the frozen food aisle, and I just ignored him and calmly strode on. It was great- he only cried from frozen pizza to just past beer, which is about 10 feet. Something about having enough coffee to make me awake but also jittery and not willing to put up with it had something to do with my newfound ignoring-my-toddler success. BUT the more exciting news is that when we got home, Seasame Street had just started, and Owen sat in the rocking chair, eating goldfish while I unloaded the car. For some reason, I do not think the APA would be as excited about this as I am- but I also doubt that the doctors in the APA have ever had to unload groceries from a car by themselves. Their wives or nannies play a big part in their lives, I am sure. For me- I feel like I have a new sense of independence. It is AWESOME.

Owen has started waking up before 6:30. It shames me to complain about this, as every other mom I know has been doing this for months (years, almost) and sometimes this is even sleeping in for their children. HOWEVER- Owen used to sleep until 8:45- sometimes even 9:30. Even as a newborn he was never up before 7:15. What is causing this? Plus, now he is back to two naps a day, which I shouldn't complain about, but seems to cut into our schedule of possible fun, because he has either just woken up and is getting fed, etc., or he is getting ready to go back down. (To be fair- I just re-read this and it looks like I am getting up with Owen in the still- dark hours of the morning. I am not. Craig is. I wish Owen would sleep in more for his sake. ahem.)


I bought milk today that expires on the day Kim will get married. I remember buying milk that would expires after my own wedding date, and how unreal that felt. Also, buying milk that would expire after Owen's due date. It felt surreal- "by the time this milk goes bad, I will be married." (or have a baby, but he was so late the milk would have expired anyway.) I have not decided whether to share this with Kim, as a bride-to-be-bonding-moment, or refrain from telling her as it could possibly freak her out. But she might read this. Hmmm... cyber-space.

I am approaching half-way on the ninety handmade baby shower invitations for Danielle. Would really like to get those done SOON.

Migraines are back, but this time accompanying ovulation. Does not bode well for producing a second child, but I can't even be bothered to think about that right now.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

okay- I'm back

So SOME people have been telling me I need to start blogging again, and I do appreciate the kick in the a. I need those every now and again.

What is new in my life?

Owen is no longer taking morning naps, but is hopefully moving towards some killer afternoon naps- 1- 4 anyone?

I have discovered that a 20" pokey stix is only 10.00 on thursday nights. Bad bad bad, especially as I have recently become pescatarian in hopes of losing a few pounds. I am not finding success here.

E's thesis is done, which means that the only other things looming on my horizon are K's wedding and D's baby shower. Then Christmas. I guess that this is what is meant by "life goes on"- there is always something right around the corner.

In an effort to regain some semblance of household sanity, I am clearing out STUFF and re-organizing. God bless IKEA. Already, my living area looks much better and I have high hopes for my child growing up into a little boy who respects and participates in orderliness.

My backyard is quite possibly my favorite place to be right now, b/c Owen can play in his sandbox BY HIMSELF, theoretically leaving me free to leaf through a magazine and sip a cup of coffee. This is still more of a magazine fantasy than reality, but maybe we'll get there soon.

I may soon be reinstituting my quilting room as a place of order and productivity, as opposed to the hold-all it has become in recent months.

Not being pregnant is currently a very good thing for me. Let's see if I can keep my momentum up.

You're right- I do feel better! Yay for the Momma movement!