Wednesday, November 16, 2005

junie the healing dog

Yesterday, Lucy was spayed. I HATE taking animals in for surgery- thank goodness this is a onetime deal. When Junie was spayed, she just looked really pathetic from the

anesthesia, and she slept LOTS. Not Lucy. She was pissed because she didn't get breakfast, and she literally whined and moaned for hours last night. I don't blame her, but she was breaking my heart. To make things worse, she was licking at the incision, so we had to put a tube sock around her middle so it was inaccessible.

Of course, she was then teased for being a slut in a tube top. We are sooo mean.

Now, there has always been talk of how Junie is a healing dog, because someone told me a story about a Chihuahua who removed splinters from her owner's fingers. So when Dad had knee surgery and Junie lay on his knee, we all thought it was hilarious. When she cuddled on my tummy after the miscarriage, I was touched. However, we now have definitive proof: I was going to make a phone call this morning, and I thought I should check on Lucy to see how she was doing. This is what I found:

Are my girls not the most adorable creatures in the world? I can't believe them. (I also know what a dork I am to be publishing pictures of my pets online, but they are my babies right now and I'm not ashamed!) From this evidence, I can only assume that

a) Junie is truly a healing dog


b) she really isn't super traumatized by Lucy's entrance into our family. I think they may secretly even love each other.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


lunch today:

toasted baguette (from 3 days ago- doesn't sound good, but baguettes are better when they are super crusty)
spread with rondele cheese
topped with roasted chicken

hot damn, leftovers aren't the devil after all!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


A few weeks ago, we had an absolutely glorious weekend in Savannah. Ryan's apartment is lovely, and the historic distric is beautiful beyond words. I was overwhelmed by how much it reminded of Florence, and somehow it hinted that I could live a different kind of life. One where I walked my dog, and sat in parks, and created beautiful things, while living in a historic home that was covered with ivy.
Sometimes it doesn't seem fair that we only have one life, just one shot. There are so many things that I want to do, and yet they aren't compatible at all. I want children and lots of pets and a quilting room and a yard and barbeques and family close by. I also want to live in an area where you can walk to everything, getting skinny while eating incredible food. I want an office job, where you put on heels and go to work for 8 hours and then leave it there and come home. I want to be a designer, I want to be a libriarian, I want to be a reading coach, I want to be a bed tester. It's like there are five different people living inside me, and they are fighting to escape and show themselves. Maybe none of those things will make me happy. Maybe I am just restless. Who knows? Why is it that other people seem to have it together? Do they, or does it just look that way from the outside?

On another note: what I ate-
Pasta Lorraine (with chicken added) at Firefly Cafe
goat cheese
caramelized red onions
(pan) fried leeks
roasted red pepper
portabella mushrooms

Pork Plate at Sweet Leaf
pulled pork
deviled eggs
corn pudding
mac n cheese

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thank god... October is over

I truly understand why November 1st is All Saint's Day. October has been the month from hell. I feel like I haven't stopped to recover my breath once since September. There has been the stress of Halloween costumes, guests and hurricanes galore, traveling, pms, teaching, resigning, job hunting.... and I truly believe that The Holiday Season is going to be easier. Ask me if I agree in January.

There is no juicy gossip to report from my life, but I promise to take some time to post sometime before this week is up. Bear with me, my friends.