Monday, January 02, 2006

resolutions and a mini-update

  1. stop smoking

(Fantastic progress already, especially considering that I don't smoke. But I always like to start off a list with something that I can cross off, like "make a list". It makes the rest of the list seems more achievable.)

2. be on time

(I am listening to "The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing", in which an old man tells his young(er) lover that she shouldn't be late, it makes people feel like they can't depend on you. I have already been late to my father's birthday dinner yesterday, which was unfathomably held at one o'clock. Then I found out it was held just after breakfast so my brother's girlfriend could get home before dark. Therefore, I have not only already broken my own resolution, but possibly other people's as well.)

3. be groomed

(Actually just a thinly veiled excuse to let loose my inner sorority girl with a credit card, maintaining my acrylic nails, eyebrows, closet, shoe fetish, etc.)

4. NOT GET PREGNANT (this year)

5. be gainfully employed all year long. Same job would be nice, but is not neccessarily a requirement.

(Actually, I have this strange desire to work in one job for five years (gasp!). It would make me feel more like an adult).

6. do less more better

(Who am I kidding? I always resolve to do less things, but do those things that I do better. I resolve this on a daily basis.)

7. say no more often

8. do more nice things for Craig

(Again, a resolution we've seen before, my friends.)


Mini- Update

I have a job (hooray!) working in personnel. That's all I can say online, or they'd have to kill me. I worked one week, then had a week and a day off, and I go back tomorrow. My marriage is WONDERFUL now that I'm working again, and stress levels are down. However, I totally forgot how on earth people work all day and then get anything done at night. It is mind boggling.