Tuesday, April 14, 2009

crafting goodness

I know you are all clambering to see what I've been up to- beyond some VERY slow-going knitting, I have started sewing for Miss Bridget, and have completed her first hand-made baby fashionista outfit. I am throwing all modesty to the wind here: It is ADORABLE, and much cuter than any picture I could take. I now understand why there are baby models. Amy Butler, I heart you.

Additionally, here is my Easter fascinator, which was way to bridal and formal to wear for Easter. Or maybe anywhere, unless I am getting married again, which is NOT happening.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

a mistake that must be made....

Do you ever have those ideas that are bad? Like, you KNOW they are a bad idea, but you also know that you are going to go ahead and do them anyway? I am in the midst of trying to resist, but I don't think I'm going to win this one.

For most people, this might refer to something drastic, like an affair, or dangerous, like climbing on a rolling chair to reach a stack of books on a high shelf. But for me, this almost always is about sewing something. With no time. And not enough materials. Like, for example, a new top for Easter. A new maternity top, to be exact. For which I do not have a pattern. I would have to alter a pattern. And we are leaving town in 5 days, which wouldn't normally be a problem, except that I have a toddler and a fetus, so my life isn't really my own right now. And I am eating jelly bellies, which isn't exactly related but still falls into the "I shouldn't be doing this but I am anyway because really, what does that little head in my voice know anyway?????" category.

I do, in fact, own two possible fabric combinations for this top I shouldn't make. Both have been pre-washed. I own the pattern, and have made it before with huge success, so I know the tricks. BUT I would have to alter it to fit Bridget, who is really and truly quite sticky-outy right now. And it is a halter, which may not be suited to my unruly bosom right now, and would certainly be impractical for nursing.... or would it? Might it not be the PERFECT top for nursing? See how I can convince myself? All of Owen's easter shopping is complete. All I have to do is stick the stuff in a basket and be done with it. I am not making him an outfit- I have purchased it instead.

I may have quite a bit on my plate, with all the easter goodies I am planning on preparing, and I shouldn't trash the house because I have a) possibly two book clubs to attend next week and b) possible GFSS next weekend as well.

Plus Craig asked when I was going to do laundry next, like I haven't done enough already this week. Actually, I know laundry is an on-going chore. I am just TIRED of putting it away. And if I am too tired to put a few dozen loads of laundry away, then I am too tired to sew, right?

Let's hope so. I'm going to watch "My So-Called Life" and eat more easter candy. Suck it, world.