Tuesday, April 14, 2009

crafting goodness

I know you are all clambering to see what I've been up to- beyond some VERY slow-going knitting, I have started sewing for Miss Bridget, and have completed her first hand-made baby fashionista outfit. I am throwing all modesty to the wind here: It is ADORABLE, and much cuter than any picture I could take. I now understand why there are baby models. Amy Butler, I heart you.

Additionally, here is my Easter fascinator, which was way to bridal and formal to wear for Easter. Or maybe anywhere, unless I am getting married again, which is NOT happening.


kimberlina said...

AHH, SO cute and so beautiful, both!

did you make that fascinator? i can't wait to see them both. :)

Michelle said...

LOVE the outfit! So cute! Will you be my mommy??

What pattern did you use? I'm actually thinking about bringing out the sewing machine this summer and attempting to *gasp* use it!

mb. said...

so you blew off book club to blog... There have been nights I wished I could get away with that but last night was not one of them.

Very cute outfit, just promise me you are not going to go in for that mother-daughter look-a-like thing. I really do not want to see you working in your garden in bloomers.