Saturday, May 16, 2009

giving back

I am addicted to my google reader. I get so sad when I log on and no one else has updated their blogs... and my friends are VERY good about updating. In honor of my blog reading, I am going to update my blog.... EVERY DAY FOR... two weeks. Isn't that how long it takes to start a new habit? Modesty disappeared with my waistline, so I am just going to continue to assume that people are overjoyed with my reappearance on the web. But I am not promising anything really worth reading.

Two conversations I had in the car today:

M: Do you want a bottle before bed tonight? (note: he refused one at Mimsie's last night)
O: kinda no

O: Where Mr. Art? (our neighbor across the street)
M: I don't know.
O: Maybe in bathroom. Probably.

As this demonstrates what an awesome mom I am (lucky O), I would like to note that with the third trimester I have reached a new level of zen parenting. It goes like this: if there is no blood, don't bother me. That's what you get. No. (Maria Montessori would be so proud.)


erica said...

YES! read books are my boyfriend because i actually update that!

Uphill Downhill said...

My favorite is "That's what you get." I love it!!!

Yay! You're back!!

kimberlina said...

you have a video camera, right? or the video function on your camera? oh, he's so adorable. and yes, i LOVE your reappearance on the web. love it.

lanet said...

I have no Google reader, or I would have realized you are back sooner!!
PS I think it's 21 days... I think I've heard that from two sources, but don't ask me to quote either of them. (B/c I can't remember.)