Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do I make an excuse? No, I just publish twice in one night.

Well, I fell off the wagon, but only for a tiny bit. And my excuse? That Craig had the computer all night, stalking people under my facebook account. And then I was up WAY later than I should have been, and got up this morning to babysit S & J again. I have decided that I am officially crazy for this drop off day care business, but I only have (potentially) thirteen days left. Plus, after S and Owen played "hissing snakes and screaming dragons" up and down the hallway, I bundled them up and turned them loose outside, in the (seemingly) frigid drizzliness that was 10:30 this morning. I sat in my favorite chair with J and a bottle, propped up on pillows, and didn't worry about the kiddos in the back. I think there was wet sand thrown, but I had thirthy minutes before two kids with their noses pressed agaisnt my back door were saying "Miss Meaghan! Miss Mommy! Can I have a popsicle (Owen)? Can we have a bath (S)?" How can you say no to that? Blue lips turned into blue tongues in the tub (thank you, Fla-vo-ice) and I got easy mac, hot dogs, and frozen peas and carrots on the table by noon. I am a true earth mother.

Question: why does mixing vegestables into macaroni and cheese provide such delight to children visiting my house? Is it because I am, indeed, an awesome gourmet chef, like this mom? (oh yes I did). Remember, we are talking about this plus this. Is it sheer sodium overload? The veggies are in now way hidden. If I serve them on the side, they are rejected. Mix them in, and I am a culinary goddess. It must be a chemical in the "cheese" that addles brain cells.

Why, might you ask, was I reduced to easy mac? Hold your breath, people, but I have a shocking announcement : I have NO BUTTER in the house. Not a stick, not a pat, in the fridge, in either freezer, on my counter. What's a girl to do? I can honestly say that I have never before been in this predictament. Is someone going to the grocery store? Rescue me. Please. I am not sure I can go on much longer.


lanet said...

Ummm I didn't get the feathering hair comment. And then I looked at the picture. AGAIN. Hilarious!

lanet said...

By the way, I heart the second post... and who is Craig stalking?
"Not a stick, not a pat, in the fridge, in either freezer, on my counter." This sounds like a line from a children's book : )