Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I just checked on Owen, fussing in his bed. Craig got him ready tonight (plus) but Owen's onesie is on BACKWARDS. Seriously? backwards? There is a tag ticking him on the throat. How hard is this?

Monday, May 26, 2008

ah, nostaglia

PMS. I forgot what it's like. Apparently, it involves werewolf-like personality changes and a lot of chocolate. After almost 2 years, this is hitting me like a mac truck.

I can't wait to get pregnant again.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

reason number 783 not to be vegan


even if I go full-bore vegetarian, I will never count bacon as a meat.

it is a fat unit, but not a meat unit. I learned that during pregnancy, as in "Bacon and avocado do not count as protien and vegetable. They just count as fat."

totally worth it.

reason number 782 not to be vegan

Grilled havarti and granny apple sandwiches made with very thin sandwich bread.

Forgive me, Owen for eating mine and half of yours off your tray.

You were just going to feed it to Junie, anyway.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

email to kimberlina

This is how lazy I am: I am going to post a copy of an email to kim, b/c I am too lazy to repeat my afternoon. But the advantage is, maybe it will motivate me to take pictures tomorrow and post them, so there will be more details added to an already rambling email. Yay for blogging!

Email to kim starts here:

PLUS: I received the baby lotion- thank you so much! Owen and I are up to at least 2 baths a day now, so we are both enjoying it. We have been gardening together- seriously. It's like the cutest fucking thing in the world. So fucking cute i will have to tell you the whole story. You might want to grab some coffee.

Ok- do you have your coffee? good.

I moved a bunch of my canna lillies from the front door to the fence, in between the jasmine that we planted. (btw: super easy to grow/transplant/separate canna lillies. once they are established again/ you move into a house i will send you oodles.) We did this on saturday, while Owen stayed at my mom's for 24 hours. If I could all caps "24" I would.) So today, i decided to cover the transplanted flowers with landscaping fabric and mulch, b/c they looked like they were dying. as this is officially the first time i have EVER done yard work, I am hoping that they do NOT die. Owen played in the box that his super awesome play castle came in ( and tried to drink from the turned off sprinker, and tried to walk through the new plantings) while I did the landscape fabric ( not as cute in description as was in real life), and then we moved mulch in buckets to the fence. like, 20 trips. This process made us very thirsty, which led to a drinking from a cup incident. Thank god we were already hot- he still needs quite a bit of practice. I am also afraid that he now thinks the point of his (rather expensive) mulch playground-pit is to move the contents around the yard in buckets. hopefully, that part did not stick. After about 45 minutes of this, he turns around, walks across the yard to the back door, waits for me to open it, goes inside, grabs a nuk off the floor and little bear, and heads off to his bedroom for a nap.
wtf? my kid puts himself down for a nap? I must have been ghandi in a past life. I do not deserve this. unfortuneately, he was COVERED in dirt, so I had to actually bathe him before a nap, but it was still great. I love being his mom. He's like a sit-com baby (today, at least.)

If gardening makes babies this tired, maybe you could get moms to pay YOU to let their toddlers work on the compound. It could be profitable.....as long as they don't eat all the mulch. sad but true- babies will eat mulch if you let them.

blah blah blah- I have had an adult conversation deficit today.

Happy Wednesday (if you read this tomorrow at work!)

I am off to
a) put laundry away
b) unload the dishwasher
c) watch the Extras finale
d) eat bon bons
e) copy this to my blog, b/c I am a lazy mo-fo.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Mimsie Friday, take 3

Owen is officially celebrating Mimsie Friday for the third time-- all night! Craig and I have big plans: dinner at a new Italian restaurant in Thornebrooke, breakfast at a new place tomorrow morning... I do not see the point in doing dishes when we can enjoy being "single" again. My mother is the best.