Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I just checked on Owen, fussing in his bed. Craig got him ready tonight (plus) but Owen's onesie is on BACKWARDS. Seriously? backwards? There is a tag ticking him on the throat. How hard is this?


kimberlina said...


that is HILARIOUS. i can't imagine how that would happen. was he... drunk?

ah... boys.

Anonymous said...

I will take credit for dressing him in clothes in the first place. He's so cute without clothes....why bother? It is Mimsie-Friday tonight and Meaghan is diligently working toward picking up and cleaning the kitchen/house. Here I am living 'the dream' with the dream wife and dream kid(though absent now) and I can't get enough. Reading this blog is great! It's like the extras on the DVD of my life. The main menu would read:
Play All: blah blah blah
-Behind the Scenes
-Commentary featuring Meaghan Mom
-Blooper reel

All that is missing is the deleted scenes category.