Monday, June 16, 2008

Kimberlina sent me this link
which got me started on things that have been successful for Owen this past year.

1. a package of clothespins (not the clippy kind, but the kind that are one piece and advertised to make dolls with)- this $2 will go a LONG way. Pair them with clean milk cartons (or containers with openings of various sizes) for hours of enjoyment. Well, in 20 minute increments. Just don't let kiddo chew and walk at the same time. I got mine at JoAnns.

2. Large mouth nalgene bottle- the key here is the twist off cap that is attached and not a choking hazard. I keep one in my purse with a few of the above mentioned clothes pins.

3. Laundry basket. Include a ball for extra fun.

4. Clean laundry- esp. kitchen dish towels and burp clothes. Owen "helps" fold (ie picks up pieces and runs away) but he likes to manipulate cloth. He has enjoyed playing in laundry since he was about 3 months old.

5. An unopened box of pasta.

6. Almost all plastic containers that I previously recycled have become Owen's. Try sticking toys inside clear containers (tupperware, etc.) and put the lid on. (WARNING: this can frustrate kids, but keeps Owen occupied).

7. A dishpan of water and a cup or container. (Oooh.. funnels...) Do this outside. Don't let your kid drown, and be prepared for full on bath. Owen always tries to climb in.

8. A ceiling fan for really little babies. Some people tape streamers on and turn the fan on low.

9. A book of finger games. Marthe can attest to the seemingly impossibly large number of times the "itsy bitsy spider" song can be sung in one day.

10. Old magazines or phone books or anything that can be destroyed.

ALSO: PSA to parents of toddlers:

You will be tempted to stick bags/tubes of Gerber Graduates Finger Foods in your purse. Don't. They don't stay closed, and you end up with sweet potato puff powder in your lipstick and yogurt melts in your cell phone.

Really, I am so full of unsolicited advice I could burst. Instead, I end up spewing it all over virtual strangers. And acquaintances.

Along with unsolicited advice, I am also full of questions. Please feel free to answer. Really.

My current dilemma involves sand, and how to stop Owen from eating it. Any advice is appreciated.

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