Friday, May 16, 2008

Mimsie Friday, take 3

Owen is officially celebrating Mimsie Friday for the third time-- all night! Craig and I have big plans: dinner at a new Italian restaurant in Thornebrooke, breakfast at a new place tomorrow morning... I do not see the point in doing dishes when we can enjoy being "single" again. My mother is the best.


kimberlina said...

how was the italian? i love your names for things:

mimsie friday
clean sheets sunday

it makes such little things a tiny celebration.

today is wet pants monday. i ran out in the rain for lunch and am currently attempting to dry them at under my desk with my portable heater (don't worry, they're still on my person).

Meaghan said...

We did not go to the Italian restaurant, b/c they did not have pasta (wtf? seriously? how can you be an italian restaurant without pasta?) which prompted a meltdown that was only appeased by carrabba's calamari and a very overpriced lemon martini drink that came in a water glass, which means it was not a martini at all. So I'll try the italian place for lunch, when I feel like eating a sandwich. BUT (as an aside TO MY OWN BLOG) (how self-obsessed am I?) the place we went for breakfast was AMAZING. SO GOOD. All local organic food, and the huevos rancheros was only a million times batter than my usual place. Shout out to the jones eastside eatery. You rock, and I will be back.