Wednesday, November 16, 2005

junie the healing dog

Yesterday, Lucy was spayed. I HATE taking animals in for surgery- thank goodness this is a onetime deal. When Junie was spayed, she just looked really pathetic from the

anesthesia, and she slept LOTS. Not Lucy. She was pissed because she didn't get breakfast, and she literally whined and moaned for hours last night. I don't blame her, but she was breaking my heart. To make things worse, she was licking at the incision, so we had to put a tube sock around her middle so it was inaccessible.

Of course, she was then teased for being a slut in a tube top. We are sooo mean.

Now, there has always been talk of how Junie is a healing dog, because someone told me a story about a Chihuahua who removed splinters from her owner's fingers. So when Dad had knee surgery and Junie lay on his knee, we all thought it was hilarious. When she cuddled on my tummy after the miscarriage, I was touched. However, we now have definitive proof: I was going to make a phone call this morning, and I thought I should check on Lucy to see how she was doing. This is what I found:

Are my girls not the most adorable creatures in the world? I can't believe them. (I also know what a dork I am to be publishing pictures of my pets online, but they are my babies right now and I'm not ashamed!) From this evidence, I can only assume that

a) Junie is truly a healing dog


b) she really isn't super traumatized by Lucy's entrance into our family. I think they may secretly even love each other.


Jacqui said...

Your babies are adorable :-)

Terrible about your cat & her slutty side but personally I'm all for it! I'm forever telling my Lucy (who you'll see if you visit my blog) that she needs to start working the streets & bringing in some money for her mommy & daddy! She never listens though - go figure. She's fixed so it's not like she'd come home all knocked up! LOL

Animals are great - they're like our children (especially when you don't have any like my hubby & me). We've been trying for over a year now & for now our pets are our kids!

Behind The Silence said...


What cute animals :)

I have two kitties (Both fixed) and I work at an animal shelter part time. I know what you mean about hating to take them in for surgury...I feel so bad for my poor little babies :(

Dave Roberts said...

yes, your girls are adorable!!

kimberlina said...

meaghan, i love that loose lucy's totally got her paws wrapped around junie!! holy crap, that picture is adorable.

i miss you!! i hope we can see each other soon. also, i'm considering library science again. haahahahahahaha! oh, the whims of a changing female mind...