Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thank god... October is over

I truly understand why November 1st is All Saint's Day. October has been the month from hell. I feel like I haven't stopped to recover my breath once since September. There has been the stress of Halloween costumes, guests and hurricanes galore, traveling, pms, teaching, resigning, job hunting.... and I truly believe that The Holiday Season is going to be easier. Ask me if I agree in January.

There is no juicy gossip to report from my life, but I promise to take some time to post sometime before this week is up. Bear with me, my friends.

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kimberlina said...

i'm bearing. btw - ant has a show on the 4th... did you find a job? did someone grovel at your feet to get you to work for them for their paltry $40,000/yr job?

oh, i do hope so.