Saturday, October 22, 2005



i am finished with rapunzel and power ranger- finally! (and only because my mom helped me with power ranger- she is so talented. she just sits there and practically completes a jumpsuit while i thread my serger. i sew soooooooooooo slowly sometimes. but then again, i am learning new patterns, so i do have a learning curve. i've got time to catch up).

i have a website, and lots of people are looking at my work. wow. the internet is one powerful ... thing.

i don't have any cavities

craig just made some yummy iced tea

we should have a rainy day for yellow brick road class tomorrow, but not a hurricane (yet)

junie is housebroken (???)

lucy now climbs out of trees, as well as up them


working with pleather is like trying to do origami with saran wrap

i have to have all four wisdom teeth removed

i have to get braces (at 25!?!?)

i am breaking out horribly- aha! maybe instead of thirteen going on thirty, i am almost thirty going on thirteen

i haven't gotten a single call regarding my job applications. these are jobs as receptionists. not rocket scientists. you'd think that all the time i've spent on the phone in my entire life should count for something.

all in all, it looks like maybe my life is more plus than minus. i'm not complaining!

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kimberlina said...

it's definitely good to have more pluses than minuses. i should probably take invenotry of my own plus/minus situation.

and that's fine that you have no cavities. rub it in, why don't you!

also, if you lived here, i could get you a job where i work. you might possibly die of boredom. but you'd get paid for the half-day of work you could stand.