Friday, December 02, 2005

two windows

I have had an insane 48 hours. insane. I have been wandering this earth, self/unemployed for six months. nothing great has happened. every cent, and then some, of what juniper jane has brought in has gone right back into my lovely, adorable, moderately popular but bank account draining business. my husband has been patient, I have designed really cute things for babies we don't have. THEN:

I apply to be a substitute teacher in alachua county. my references do not all arrive at their destinations, so I have to wait and send out more applications.

I sign up for a class, and do not complete my first assignment by the self-imposed deadline. bad beginnings.

I wake up thoroughly depressed. So depressed I actually call my husband at work to complain. I wear my ugliest clothing, but at least I shower.

i do the first half of my homework.

Craig comes home to cook me soup for lunch, and hands me a letter. it is the alachua county school board, telling me to come in for sub orientation. hooray! thank you, references!!!!

I am eating soup, reading the letter over and over, when the phone rings. It is the principal of an elementary school where my two best teacher friends- the julies- are teaching fourth grade together. she offers me a long term sub job on the spot to teach 4th grade with the julies. i love how putnam county sems to have unlimited, sight-unseen-someone said good things about you- faith in me.

i am floored.

i go to the school, start planning lessons on the way home, and then sit down, do some math, and realize that i can't afford to teach 4th grade for $9.67 an hour, in another county that is 35 minutes away.

i am sad.

i think and think and think, then resign myself to it.

i go to bed, then get up early and go to Mary's classroom to help out. WHAT FUN! i see how great it could be, to teach elementary school. the kids are ten thousand times sweeter, and they really care what you say and think. they want to be good.

i come home, take an deep breath, and then turn down the position at melrose. i promptly freak out. WHY DID I TURN DOWN A JOB????????

i eat lunch, then go to get fingerprinted. the machine is down. i promise to come back after orientation on monday, then do a good deed and go to the social security office to get my named changed.

i guess it was time.

i wait. i wait. i wait.

the phone rings. it is one of my former quilting students- does she want a private lesson?

no- she wants to interview me for a job i applied for months ago!!!!!! at uf!!!!!!! making twice as much as subbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

am i interested?

yes, please.

i have an interview tuesday, and even if that doesn't work out, i will start subbing.

meaghan is moving into the world of the wage earners.


Virginia said...

Meaghan -
This is incredible!!! Congratulations on your biblical-proportions-flood of job offers!

First day back at my *expletive* job. Feeling crappy but spirits have somehow lifted after reading your saga.

Sending you good-luck-happy-interview thoughts all throughout the day. Totally calling you tonight to find out how it went!

PS Had to sign up since you've banned anonymous postings here. :P Don't think I haven't discovered your devious plan to get everyone blogging!

Meaghan said...

oops. how did i do that? I'll try to change that feature. damn.

anyway- I am so proud of you for responding!!!!!!!!! I didn't mean to force you to sign up to do it though... really, I didn't!

can't wait to see you on friday. we are going to have a great weekend!