Thursday, December 08, 2005

renewed addictions

My day has been shamefully spent. Well, mostly. I was up and out of bed by 8, to make the most of my day. And people, it was raining. You know how hard it is to get moving when it is raining. So, I called Julie F, and we arranged to have coffee at her house at 11. Yay! I forced myself to do a load of laundry first. Then I somehow got sucked into It is incredible, and made me want to ecaspe to a cold desert island to knit ALL THE TIME. So I searched for patterns to knit the lovely yarn I bought in Savannah. C said not to buy any more yarn until I produce something. Anything. He has a fair point, I hate to admit.

**The thing that drives Craig the craziest is that I knit something, maybe for hours, maybe for days, and then unravel it. I usually drop a stitch, and since I don't know how to fix it, it is just quicker and easier for me to unravel it and start over. For me, knitting is SO much more about the process rather than the product. However, that gives me no good reason to purchase all of the beautiful yarn I feel compelled to bring home with me, so I really have to try and discipline myself to finish projects, even if it is just an effing scarf. But I get so bored with just an effing scarf. (Would I prefer a gee-ing scarf instead? an ay-ching scarf? Please ignore that. I am completely retarded, and should be in bed sleeping. It is still raining. Delicious.)

I ended up not doing anything productive, had a really bad hair day because I chose not to do my hair carefully, and made it to Julie's house on time. (Good job! I am working on my punctuality, and feel the ridiculous need to praise myself for something that most people my age have had mastered for years.) I had a wonderful time with her. I realized that

1) Julie is a kindred spirit, and they are very, very rare in this world.

2) fate is a strange and funny thing.

3) I really really like hawaiian pizza from dominos. Craig was right. Damn!

4) I have an enduring love affair with fiber. Be it woven, mashed into pulp and flattened, or spun, I am a sucker for fiber and what you can do with it.

5) There are artists lurking within us, but my inner artist needs balance. I don't thrive in a space where I can do anything, branch out into any kind of creativity. I need my time to be structured, I need left brain activity to provide a counterpoint to my right brained creativity. I need boundaries to grow, or I am easily overwhemed by possibility.

Not bad for a thursday!

*Note- I am going to do my best to restructure some aspects of my blog, plus try to figure out spell check.


Virginia said...

Meaghan I miss you already! And that is why I read your BLOG.

I loved reading about your day - do you like fibre, too? Did I tell you I started taking it as a supplement? Except this weekend - I fell off the fibre wagon!

Meaghan said...

Actually, you jumped on the fiber wagon this weekend, miss knitting girl!