Thursday, October 02, 2008

okay- I'm back

So SOME people have been telling me I need to start blogging again, and I do appreciate the kick in the a. I need those every now and again.

What is new in my life?

Owen is no longer taking morning naps, but is hopefully moving towards some killer afternoon naps- 1- 4 anyone?

I have discovered that a 20" pokey stix is only 10.00 on thursday nights. Bad bad bad, especially as I have recently become pescatarian in hopes of losing a few pounds. I am not finding success here.

E's thesis is done, which means that the only other things looming on my horizon are K's wedding and D's baby shower. Then Christmas. I guess that this is what is meant by "life goes on"- there is always something right around the corner.

In an effort to regain some semblance of household sanity, I am clearing out STUFF and re-organizing. God bless IKEA. Already, my living area looks much better and I have high hopes for my child growing up into a little boy who respects and participates in orderliness.

My backyard is quite possibly my favorite place to be right now, b/c Owen can play in his sandbox BY HIMSELF, theoretically leaving me free to leaf through a magazine and sip a cup of coffee. This is still more of a magazine fantasy than reality, but maybe we'll get there soon.

I may soon be reinstituting my quilting room as a place of order and productivity, as opposed to the hold-all it has become in recent months.

Not being pregnant is currently a very good thing for me. Let's see if I can keep my momentum up.

You're right- I do feel better! Yay for the Momma movement!


kimberlina said...

you should definitely keep blogging! i love it. :)

i'm digging the image of you sipping a "beverage" while owen plays in his sandbox. i'm assuming he's stopped eating it by now?

mb. said...

welcome back. I have been looking for you, but did not quite have the nerve to give you sh*t.