Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So, I have been feeling inspired lately to re-do my closet. Not rearrange it (heaven forbid!) but redo the contents. I finally have my "forever body", which may be wishful thinking, but at the very least, no more pregnancies, no more nursing, and, let's face it, no more noticeable weight loss. Hopefully a little, but I'm going to be realistic here. My body is mine again, and I am going to start dressing it the way I want to. More dresses, yes please!

To that end, I followed (ironically) this tutorial for refashioning jeans into a maternity skirt. I used a pair of corduroy shorts that I received as a hand-me-down from a friend after Owen was born. They were long shorts, and, frankly, always made me look a teeny bit butch. They were my go-to shorts for feeling slummy on my period, which I now am (feeling slummy on my period, that is). So I took my trusty seam ripper and set to ripping the inseam. WHICH TAKES FOREVER, a small fact crafty blogs seem to leave out. I also had to take in the waist band (yay!) which made it more complicated (bleh) and then voila! a skirt!

Pictures will follow, maybe. It's a skirt, but it isn't very attractive. I was inspired enough, however, to take my seam ripper to a camisole I had worn to pieces to turn an old skirt (never worn)n into a new top. We'll see how it turns out. Also a pair or jeans with a hole in the crotch.

Did I take before shots of any of these? Of course not.

Also, before I sound all glorious and domestic goddess-y.... I have not been cooking anything of note, my house is covered in laundry and dog hair, and my personal appearance is only so-so. So I do not, infact, have it all together, as it may sound from just reading this blog.


kimberlina said...

"a teeny bit butch" - love that phrase. and awesome that you've been sewing! my craft room is starting to become storage again - not good! also, i need to get some curtains in there. ugh, not looking forward to figuring out how to drill into concrete...

hope you're feeling better! also, as a suggestion, you should wear your jeans with the crotch hole, but no underpants. definitely.

Virginia said...

You're awesome. Let's get it together together, whenever that happens!