Tuesday, April 20, 2010


5 Confederate Jasmine (two given to Craig for Valentine's Day 2006, 3 purchased to landscape yard for Owen's 1st birthday party)
1 pink hydrangea (purchased at USF garden sale during GFSS, Sept 2006)
1 camellia bush (rec'd from Craig for Valentine's day 2005)
1 rose bush (gift from my parents on my first Mother's Day, 2008)
5 blueberry bushes (Christmas 2009)
3 ligustrum (Christmas 2009)
5 fig trees (Christmas 2009)
6 Oak leaf hydrangeas (Christmas 2009, plus one giant one transplanted from my mother's house)
5 Crape Myrtles (transplanted from my mother's house)
2 blackberry bushes
1 elderberry bush
2 kiwis
1 eucalyptus (planted in honor of the yau-maltese homestead and the metzger australian wedding, 2010)
Various beds of canna lillies, given to us by our across the street neighbors when we bought the house, and then propagated, plopped all over the yard, and given away to friends and family

Whenever I think of moving, I ask myself how could I leave this behind? We have put so much work into our yard, and it is just now starting to yield results. We have been too cheap to buy anything full sized, and I know that in 10 years, I will be exactly where I want us to be. I can never leave my beautiful yard- it has grown up with us.

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