Thursday, April 01, 2010

I thought I was a genius

Let's make these, I think to myself. What a good Martha-esque mom I will be. I will be the-mom-who-makes-itty-bitty-cookies- while-chatting-charmingly-with-her-preschooler.

Within 10 minutes I was emphatically yelling "Don't lick your ball!" to said preschooler. (Cookie dough is too close to play-doh to distinguish, apparently).

I will never serve you something my child helped me cook. I will lie and say I am (to make him feel good) but rest assured, I have remade a new batch while he was sleeping. This is why I no longer bake.

1 comment:

erica said...

You may no longer bake, but I'm glad you still blog! <3