Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This year's garden

Tomatoes: Polish Linguisa, Cherokee Purple, Black Prince, Valencia, Striped Cavern, Red Cherry, Rose, Waspinican, Brandywine Red (2), Amish Paste, Tommy Toe, Brandywine (6), and 6 plants we grew on our windowsill, which I am pretty sure are from tomatoes Craig's grandparents gave us when we visited them in NC after Owen was born. Also one rogue tomato that popped up from last year's fallen seeds, but that plant is going to live at the Lemstrom's house.
Eggplants (still on the window sill in seedling phase): Rossa Bianca, Applegreen, and Pintung Long (30 total)
Cucumbers: 2 Sweeter Yet, 3 Suyo Long, 2 A&C Double Yield
2 Black Beauty Zucchini
1 congo watermelon
1 Kabocha Squash
3 Beans (Yard Long Red Noodle)
1 cardoon
1 sunchoke
3 rows of corn
2 rows of bull's blood beets
Peppers: 1 datil, 1 lilac bell, 1 jalapeno, 1 sweet bell, 1 sweet cherry red

2 kiwi vines
2 blackberry plants
1 elderberry

We are trying to be committed to heirloom veggies this year, and have so far done a decent job. Starting from seeds was a new and overwhelming experience, so we gave it two tries this year. some seeds got plopped in the garden just two days ago. All of our tomatoes are heirloom, but I still need a few more plants (maybe just one) because I got seduced by the tiny little 6 pack of baby seedling and did not get any yellow tomatoes. I am going to have to get at least one and put it in a pot, as I became addicted last year. Also, a few more peppers to round it all out. Plus some strawberries for my border, which I am willing to go conventional on this year, as heirloom will not be possible to purchase in these city limits. Plus, I still need to get going on my herbs.

**addendum: I planted 1 heirloom yellow pear tomato plant, and 5 strawberry plants. 1 meyer lemon tree and one key lime tree, 10 strawberry roots, 5 shallots and 5 onions are ready to go into the ground tomorrow, if the weather and the baby cooperate. Also, did I mention the 30 eggplants growing on our kitchen window sill in tiny pots?

I think I am addicted. Also, in way over my head.

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