Sunday, August 02, 2009

thoughts on being a mom... again

typing this one handed... please forgive lack of punctuation, etc...

-the one piece of advice i never questioned with owen was "sleep when the baby sleeps". i have done this almost his whole life. i had boundless energy, cleaned the house, cooked up a storm, made homemade cards to send to everyone each month with his picture (professionally taken). i can't always (rarely) sleep now bc both kids are rarely sleeping at the same time. exhaustion is a bitch, people. and now, so am i! there are times when b might be in a deep sleep after owen goes to bed, but at that point, i am most likely too tired to move.

- disposible make-up remover face wipes and tinted moisturizer are my new best friends. i can wash my face and put on "make-up" without getting out of bed, while burping a freshly nursed baby, pumping and trying to convince a two year old to feed me (and not the dog) honey sunshine. somehow he figured out that normal people put milk in their breakfast cereal (ahem- daddio!) and now i have to convince him that cereal plus a swig of milk from the sippy cup is a comparable experience.

- there are times when i forget that i have a second child (she is generally unobtrusive with the exception of the midnight to two a.m. stretch) and other times when it comes crashing down on me.

- i find myself frustrated most by the small chores that i could do in 15 miuntes if it was just owen and i. loading and unloading the dishwasher. a load of laundry transfer. throwing lunch together. making a quick phone call. all of these tasks, which used to be so achievable, even while 8 months pregnant, have become seemingly impossible.

- baby blues? check.

-on the plus side, i have more fun with b. i don't take her so seriously, and am not ruffled by much that she does. i am enjoying her more than i did owen, with whom i had a deep, serious, and passionate love. b and i are much more companionable. i hope that in 30 years we will be good friends.

- nursing is no longer killing me, but the search for stylish nursing tops is. Maybe, since all the ones I like best are in the $60-$80 range, I should actually consider having J. Brooks modify/ design a few cotton ones. i think that the cabo halter would be easy to change, looks good, and would be gorgeous. Plus, I've got the cotton prints for it already.

craig has the baby, so I am going to throw laundry in the wash, and go to bed. Here's to hoping for a good night's sleep.


Radical Mama said...

we are living parallel lives it seems.
2 yr old? yup.
new baby? yup.
freakish exhaustion? indeed.
i may have to get marthe to introduce us. - virginia

kimberlina said...

it's official, we need a commune.