Monday, August 24, 2009

at a loss for words

O (looking at a box of wipes with d***** princesses on the cover): what those friends doing?

Me: ummm... nothing

Wow. Those girls are doing nothing at all, but looking beautiful and coyly thinking about their cleavage (that's right, b****. You're busted).

I know these princesses used to do things. Sewing, gathering berries- granted, none of them were getting a Ph.D, but I remember Princess Cleavage always had her nose buried in a book. Where did their props go? When did they become pagent princesses, minus the talent portion?

Say what you will, at least bob the builder always has a tape measure.


kimberlina said...

oh, SO true!! that makes me depressed. maybe i should make a princess DO THINGS book for kids.

mb. said...

hey, this is why I like Sponge Bob: he has an annoying theme song, annoying friends, an annoying job, but he has a work ethic! Also I am hypnotized by the inexplicable aquatic-fire issues. & why are they all underwater, at the beach & need a lifeguard? Maybe I should ask Owen.