Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what i need

1. A nap
2. Someone to latch b onto one breast (mine are fine), burp her, roll me over, repeat
3. Earplugs
4. My laundry switched over
5. I tunes updated, songs purchased, playlists made
6. Photos compiled from everyone's cameras, cute ones selected, cd made, photos developed
7. Photos mailed
8. Pedicure
9. Eyebrows waxed
10. IUD ordered (duh)
11. An extra hand to write thank you notes
12. A month long supply of belly bars, so I don't have to think about beakfast or vitamins
13. Library books selected, put on hold, picked up
14. My ipod charger located
15. My baby bathed so she isn't stinky sour
16. A car seat for craig's car
17. New flooring
18. A lady-in-waiting, responsible for bathing and dressing me
19. Calorie free vodka
20. Stomach muscles

Any takers, universe? You can have my credit card.



mb. said...

I can kinda help with the library books. Put them on hold send them to ARCHER & I will get them. You are here every 2 weeks or less anyhow now with the Chaucer & BC starting in October (unless you are not going to read Mme Bovary with us).

lanet said...

What is a belly bar? It sounds like something to eat - are the flavors named accordingly? : )