Thursday, July 23, 2009

excerpt from email to kimberlina

How is this for tempting/attractive/make you want to get pregnant right away?

Last night b had her first bath in 8 days (oops). She was getting so smelly I was grossed out. A few hours later, I fed her (1 hour 15 min). Changed a poopy diaper. She spit up. Changed her onesie. She had another poopy diaper. Changed it. She spit up OUT OF HER MOUTH AND NOSE SIMULTANEOUSLY. Changed her onesie, did deep breathing so I didn't puke myself. Recovered enough to pee while holding her, she spit up chunks all over my shirt, cleavage, bra, herself. Then I had to wipe while holding a now slippery slimy baby. Took her onesie off, changed another poopy diaper, gave up on dressing her and just left her naked (until this morning, actually). Changed another poopy diaper. Just realized while typing this that although I did change my clothes, I still have not showered/washed face/brushed teeth since... 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon? Def not since the chunky cleavage instance.

All of this happened consecutively, without pause. Just saying you MIGHT want to pack a few extra outfits- and an iron stomach. It wasn't pretty.

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Sleep Goblin said...

*sigh* i actually think i must be really be ready, because that didn't bother me at all. now, i'm not saying i will enjoy that part. but i don't care.