Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Woman to woman

First of all, a big huge thank you to everyone who shared their uber-personal stories about childbirth in my last post. I truly have a wonderful group of friends (and friends of friends)...

You have reassured me that NO ONE does an episitomy any more, which i think is awesome. Also, I went back to my original midwife after going through rotation with tons of other people, and I am reassured by a good talk with her and her amazingly tiny hands. I swear, that woman could be practically sticking her fingers out your nose during a pelvic exam and I don't think you would notice. That level of comfort is pretty significant when someone is checking your dilation.

So here is where we are on the pregnancy front:
Tomorrow (37 weeks and 5 days) I go in for another ultrasound to estimate little Bridget's weight. Because let me tell you, she doesn't seem so little. I have (for virtually no discernable reason) gained 21 1/2 pounds (I gained over 35 with Owen) this pregnancy, and Jane says that she will be amazed if B is less than 8 pounds when we induce a week early. Hello????? She also told me not to freak if the ultrasound measures 9 lbs- they have been known to be off. So, I am just no longer concerned about having a big baby, and am simply continuing to keep my fingers crossed for a giant placenta. Again.

I am ready. I am going to be induced at 39 weeks, just pitocin, no water breaking unnaturally, and am pretty damn sure that she will not come beforehand. The downside is that in trying to get ready, I have what is known as an "irritable uterus" which mimics labor and menstrual cramps from hell, and due to my past history and reaction to pain, I have to go in if I think I am in labor- "just in case". I still believe in pushing the envelope as far as possible, but Jane and the LDR nurses are not fond of this approach. We'll see who wins this battle. I've already had to go in once, but I swear, THAT WAS THE LAST TIME.

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erica said...

Tiny hands, huh?
Maybe I should be a midwife...