Friday, July 10, 2009

happy friday

It's like Christmas morning in the Gulledge household. There is a mini excavator with a jackhammer attachment turning our driveway to rubble, and Craig and Owen are glued to the front window. Owen (who went to bed almost two hours late last night) was woken up early (about an hour early) by Craig, who was doing an antsy-pants dance of excitement.

Owen's primary concern (after he understood the scope of work, as explained by Craig) was wondering if the three 21 year old GRU workers in our driveway are wearing "sunscream". They are not wearing hard hats or safety googles, a fact that has escaped Safety Officer Gulledge, Jr. Owen also just said "Watch mini-excavator on Bob the Builder", which I just realized was referring to the action in the front yard.

Did I mention that in the past 48 hours, I have slept for 5? And that the only place I can comfortably sleep is on the couch? And that being awoken by the beeping of an excavator being delivered, combined with the warning barks of my chihuahua, are maybe not the most pleasant way of waking up from the two hours sleep I was in the process of getting? (And no, I am not sleeping because I have a new baby. I am not sleeping because the large baby in my uterus has taken up residence on the nerve in my back that controls my legs. I recognize the irony of sleepless nights WHILE STILL PREGNANT).

Thank you, GRU.


kimberlina said...

sunscream!! how is he so cute? it's an impossibility, truly. so sorry to hear that junie is driving you insane. let me know and i'll my dad for dog recipes.

Radical Mama said...

Oh, nature's cruel tricks. I wish I could tell you I was getting more sleep than the last time I commented on your blog, but alas... I do hope you can find some sleep! Your Owen sounds very sweet.