Friday, October 06, 2006

la la la la la

I have today off! Hooray! Hooray for homecoming! I love love love love love having a day off every now and then. Especially when it is considered a "holiday" by UF. SWEET.

Okay, I will attempt to control my ecstatic gloating over a beautiful morning at home in my pjs. (How strange that the word "static" is in "ecstatic"...)

I have found a most beautiful link for all those knitters out there who have gauge problems, as I do:

It seems to be helpful, but all I am knitting right now is a keyboard cover, so it isn't a crucial as if I were knitting, for example, a fisherman knit sweater.

My previous posts still have not posted. WHY?????????

I am dreading going to the will-call box today at two. the line will be INSANE. I'm making Craig go with me, as we are going to Gator Growl with his friends.

Even though I am relishing a day off, the truth is that working is very very good for me. Time flies, and I have little to no spare time or energy left to worry.

Ha ha ha ha- I love monrings where I don't have to shower if I don't want to. Ewwww... i'm going to sew dirty. (I feel like a maniacal 3 year old.) must shower before Craig comes home at noon. Hmmmm.. I'm going to have spaghetti and calamari for breakfast. yummy.

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