Sunday, October 01, 2006


Okay- so I have republished MULTIPLE times, and my second post of last night and my revisions to previous posts are not there.


I can't sleep (cramps!), and can't decide if it is worth it to try and go back to bed, or stay up for the long haul. I have to go to Wallis's bridal shower today, and I just realized that it's themed, and my gift is supposed to start with an "M",as is my piece of advice to her. Oops. I got her a bowl and a doggie- treat jar (both from her registry). Crap. I'll have to come up with something cute to say. I have also decided, while in the gift bag aisle at Target, that I will no longer buy wedding, etc. gifts that are not either soft (towels, blankets, etc.) or pre-packaged. These two very heavy ceramic gifts will not truly make it safely into a gift bag, but I will valiently try.

We watched the first disc of season 2 of The Office (American Version). It is much more sanitized, less painfully embarrassing than the British version. I feel less guilty watching it, but still like the original best.

We also attended the Gator game against Alabama yesterday. It is truly a totally guilty pleasure that I love going to the games. (All my girlfriends are cringing right now, but alas, ladies, it is true.) [Junie just discovered that I'm awake, and is overjoyed with the thought that she might get breakfast 2 hours early. In her anticipation, she has left tongue marks all over the computer.] I love the excitement of being in a crowd of 90,000+ people, who are all cheering for the same thing. I love how friendly (albeit totally trashed) all the tailgaters are, and I loke how small town it makes Gainesville feel. It's funny, because when I was in college, I hated football games, and the way campus and the entire town was completely taken over. Eventually I sucumbed to the "if you can't beat 'em" mentality. Working on campus really contributes to my love of Gator sports. When you see players in a normal environment (Chick-fil-a, etc.), it is shocking how young (!) they are, and you have to respect the amazing talent they have and the pressures that they have to withstand.

groan graon groan groan groan.

my period is going to totally kick my ass this month.

hmmm... 5 am..... maybe I'll go sew???? Junie has realized she isn't going to get breakfast, and has gone back to bed to sleep with Craig.

goal: 2 table runners, 1 table square form the pumpkin jacquard I bought at Joann's on Friday. I am training Craig to believe that money spent on projects that actually get finished doesn't count.

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