Wednesday, November 10, 2010


What? Last post MAY 18? You must be wrong, blogger. Very wrong.

OR maybe this correlates to Bridget becoming mobile full-time. That makes more sense.

Here's what I've been up to:

- little M (Owen's best friend, three months older) now comes to our house full-time. Truly a blessing, as (most of the time) her presence brings a layer of sanity to our house and keeps Owen busy. And then there are other days... like when I have to keep two three years olds separated because Owen gets CRAZY like Mussolini and won't let her leave his presence, even to pee. Or go home. Seriously- he CAN NOT keep trapping girls in his room. Sounds like a joke, but isn't.
-Bridget= Viking. There is no stopping her. She is also talking more everyday, but I am not sure if she is talking as much as Owen was at this point. She loves to eat soup from a spoon.
- Pink eye. Ouch.
- My steps towards dirty-hippie destiny are getting concerning for those who love me. Examples? Cloth diapers, mama cloth, reusable kleenex, all natural cleaners, soaking whole grains, localvore, non homogenized milk, goat milk, homemade herbal tea, homesteading, homeopathy, westin a price... i am loving all of it.
- trying to knit as therapy- works when I make a conscious effort to do it. Finished my first sweater (for myself). Loved it. Took it on vacay with Kim- LEFT IT AT HOTEL. Stolen by housekeeping staff, whom I tipped, but also forgot about brussel sprouts in mini-fridge. Oops. Sweater has been mourned, but another is in the works.
-Mom gave me a food processor- I am a chopping fool. Makes whole food cooking go A LOT faster.
-garden- going strong, we currently have eggplants, broccoli, herbs (over 30 different kinds!) onions, lettuce, etc.
-considering acquiring goats for milk, but I am getting mixed reviews on the space requirements.
-planning an addition to the house, so that I can live in Flamingo Cottage FOREVER. Keeping fingers crossed for financing!
-refashioning adult clothes for Bridget. Mimsie's goodwill pile is my new treasure. Pictures to follow.

I have been so busy making it through each day, but I realize that we all are. No excuses, no apologies. I am grateful for the health and happiness of my family, grateful for the choices we make which give us our full and happy life.

Nice to be back, blogger.


Sleep Goblin said...

Can I come live with you? It sounds like a dream. It is one of the few things I truly regret about living in the city...

lanet said...

I ♥ you, ya dirty hippie!

Anonymous said...

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