Friday, January 11, 2008

gerbil on crack

Okay- I admit that I am feeling a bit frenzied. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am switching Owen over to formula, so I can now consume unlimited quantities of caffeine. The problem is, after over a year and a half of not consuming caffeine except in very small quantities, my tolerance is low. Instead of being really drunk after one beer (also happening, but mostly at night), I get supercharged after a medium to largish cup of coffee. This has led to "cleaning: frenzies, which do not involve actual cleaning, but rather frantic rearranging, leading to a differently (note that I do not say "better" or "more efficiently") configured home environment. Actually, what this means is that while I am putting things away, I can not remember where I put them. So far, I have lost my ipod charging-docking cord thing. Happily, I have since found it with the trivets. Obviously.

I also stored the Christmas decorations in the hall closet, on a shelf that was amazingly underutilized. Apparently, because the shelf can not hold anything heavier than batting. This is incidentally very lucky for me, because I have an excess of batting in the quilting room with no place to live. Craig seems to think that I can replace the batting in my quilting room with Christmas decorations. Silly silly man. I may also place board games on that shelf (unless they are too heavy), thus removing them from their NEW home, on an open shelf under the television in the living room. Right at Owen's level. These were placed there by Craig while I was at book club. They do make the new TV shelf look very magazine worthy, but seriously. How much of a chocking hazard are board game pieces? Craig thinks Owen will not try to access them. I think Craig is from another planet.

I am looking forward to staying home tonight and setting up the cube-ee thing we bought at Target for our kitchen. (Ha! I write that as if we might actually usually "go out" and do something fun. What I meant by "stay in" is "not run errands".) I feel that it will help get the kitchen organized (ha) and baby-proofed (ha ha). At least we will be utilizing something we bought, which will also make Craig happy.


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